Posse In Effect – Lazarus [NEW EP]

Posse In Effect is the indie rap project of myself and Andy Weston. We’re both based in different cities (Melbourne and Auckland) so touring is a bit of an improbability, but we’ve managed to make a few music videos when in the same city, as well as two EPs. Our second EP, Lazarus was released last week, and was a labor of love over the last few months. Demos and song sketches were sent to one another, which were slowly built over time, sending various drafts back and forth, adding new elements, replacing samples, getting guest vocalists and musicians in while trying to get the songwriting to the best possible standard.

Big shout out to the guest musicians and all those who helped during the making of the EP. Credits are below.

We’re pretty happy with the result – it’s good, diverse, New Zealand accent rap. Check it out by clicking on the image below, it’ll take you directly to our bandcamp. Give us a like on Facebook here, and tell us what you think.

Posse In Effect Lazarus


Tracks 2, 3, 5, 6: Hamish Gavin
Tracks 1, 4: Andy Weston

Guest Rappers/Singers:
Sam Blissett (Sammy B)
Kellie McDonald (K-Mac)
Harley Neville (The Nevs)
Aidan Ginn (Doughnut Boy)
Hamish Marchant (Marshon)
Rachel Trainor (Raq-Hell)

Guest Musicians:
Nic Dwyer
Drew Handcock (Skillrex)

Mixed and Mastered: Hamish Gavin

Artwork: Andy Weston

2015 PIE Productions


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