Projects: (John Key) Stop Bullshitting Me – Goes semi-viral!

Well viral in terms of anything else I’ve released previously. 7000 views on Youtube in 4 days, not bad I think, and of course largely this is due to dirty politics being the theme of the week in New Zealand news. But there has been some positive discussion surrounding the video on the Youtube page, and on Reddit, Twitter and Facebook. Some websites even shared us including NZ Herald and Ultimate Student.

Some of the good feedback include things like this from user biggles2661 on Youtube:

a great inclusion of the political discord! a hugely perceptive and in depth analysis of keys government! i see it attracts the brightest of kiwi society

And on the negative side, user KoraraProductions gave us this;

This was TRASH!
Made me wanna vote for national even more.

If you haven’t seen the video, the topic is pretty evident from the title. We shot it all in one afternoon and largely improved most of the ideas. Allister Whyte my good man shot it, Harley Neville gave a guest verse (and contributed in a large way to the creative ideas in the video), Guy Pigden appears (and also have some backing vocals), Julie Clark popped in for a cameo, as did Raice Hannay and Hayley Sharp helped us out on set and looked after Allister as he went a little far into his role as the gas-mask dude (that blood is real).

If you haven’t seen it and are watching it after reading this, lower your expectations – it’s very much a homemade thing.



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