Awesome NZ bands part 1 (some old, some new)

Inspired by the Toy Love special LP release at Real Groovy today, here are some NZ bands which are awesome:


Three dudes, all swapping instruments, creating catchy as punk in a completely unpretentious way. The awesome thing about a band like this is you can rip through an entire album of theirs in a short amount of time, cause each track is like a minute long. They’re fucking great live, tearing shit up every time. Most recent EP is great, but I also suggest checking out the early stuff, which is equally good. They’re hardworking, passionate and greatly deserving of a listen.

Here’s a great older song by them:


Wild punk chicks (and one dude) who really don’t give a fuck and also craft great, hooky, energetic indie punk. They’ve got three tracks up on their bandcamp which I enjoy very much. They’re also great live, of particular note is the raw energy of front woman Emily, who together with Rackets and Tiny Ruins performed at the Vodafone NZ music awards last night with their Toy Love tribute, and tore shit up.


Shameless plug.


I particularly enjoyed driving around Dunedin listening to The Clean anthology this year. This song particularly fitted as a soundtrack to the landscape. Here’s a live version.


Chris Knox’s band before the Toy Love were The Enemy. But with no official recordings, we have to make do with archival stuff like this. As you’re probably aware, we now have two new Toy Love vinyl’s available on a limited release, one live and one a compilation of the bulk of their recordings. I got the live double LP, but I won’t play it till I get a new turntable mat, as I (un-cool music geek moment) wish not to damage the precious grooves by getting dust all through them.


Another snapshot of Dunedin circa-mid 1980. Ahh, so beautiful, so melodic; under-appreciated. The videos a little corny, a little cheap, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.


Why doesn’t anyone remember The Chills’ 1992 masterpiece Soft Bomb? I don’t know, probably because they got dropped from the major label they were signed from soon after release making it subsequently a pretty rare find in music stores.  But if you find it, pick it up, or even just pirate it. It’s the, dare I say it, Dunedin-sound (for lack of a better classification) White Album. Great songs, great ideas, melodies, lyrics, from start to finish.


So people didn’t like their attitude at the Vodafone NZ Music Awards 2012 last night? I thought they were awesome. Great live performance, the right amount of impoliteness, attitude and sticking it to the establishment.  They said cunt, they ripped on John Key. Both things I like.


Dunedin rock/reggae/funk/metal/blues with balls! They’re great live, toured all the time and released a great full length album this year.

Ok, so I realise I pretty much just talked about my favourite old school NZ bands, but I will make a point of finding some new, currently gigging and emerging NZ artists and writing about them on here. More to come soon. Chur.



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